Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Tale of Two Duties

Imagine having a job with the following pros:

*Amazing co-workers

*Amazing and understanding managers

*Operating one of the most recognized rollercoasters

*A rollercoaster

*Literally meeting thousands of people every hour

*Encouraged to interact with said people to make them laugh, smile, and thoroughly enjoy themselves




*Park perks

*Happiest Place on Earth

*Learned a ton about life and self

*Everyone thinks I'm younger than I am ;-)

*Beginning to feel younger than I am!

*Member of an elite cast

But said job also had the following cons:

*Must leave 1.5 hours before clock in to arrive in a timely manner

*Approx 40 miles from home

*Sometimes must work until 3:30 a.m.

*Hours may vary, hard to plan consistent week

*Only see Himself on days off - so Sunday, or Monday or Wednesday if he's not out of town

*Mostly work nights, holidays, and weekends

*Have to leave Glenna alone at night, less available for her

*Polyester pants

Now imagine being offered a job with the following pros:

*Higher wages

*2 miles from home

*Consistent hours, usually done before 1 pm

*New skills to learn

*Get to deal with people on a much more personal level

*Four days per week

*No nights or weekends

*Incredible co-workers and employer!

*Much more available for Glenna; she'll probably be just getting up when I get home from work. ;-)

*Perks of a different sort

*Family atmosphere among team members

*I get to wear scrubs and look all professional like that

But the same job offer has the following cons:

*No clue what I'm doing

*Halitosis potential (not mine! Of others)

*One patient pegged my age pretty easily (Drat you, Palmolive commercial!)

*No park perks

*Must follow in Kelly's extremely competent footsteps

*Must deal with insurance companies (aka Spawn of Satan)

To many, this would seem like a no-brainer. I actually agonized over this decision! I was so reluctant to let go of the Park and everything that it has represented to me, especially my castmates. I asked if I could become a Seasonal Cast Member, which means I could pick up shifts when I wanted to. I was granted Seasonal status and I'm so thankful to still be part of the company!

So, of course I jumped at the job with the Dentist. I'm Kelly's replacement as Office Assistant, but I'll also be trained as a Chairside Assistant! I'm so excited about that! I got to watch a proceedure and followed the Dental Assistant around. She showed me SO many things that I began to wonder if I'd ever remember it all.

However, there's one thing working at the Park has taught me - I can learn anything, and the unfamiliar will soon become an extremely familiar routine. I can do this! I'm not expected to know everything the first day. Questions are welcome - they want me to get it right as much as I do.

I'm feeling so incredibly blessed!


agable said...

I am so proud of you! I know it must have been a difficult decision to leave your awesome job, but I see the pros in this new one. You always put your family's needs above your own, and I so admire that.
However, I do not envy the fact that you have to deal with insurance companies. There are few things I dislike more than dealing with those issues.

Jessica Leigh said...

I'm so excited for you!

Now I can come over and help you make dinner - or just enjoy it :) -instead of raiding your fridge. Who am I kidding? I'll need to snack between meals...

Mrs said...

Jessie, I'll need a list of your favorite snacks so I can keep them on hand!

Glenna wants to know if you have a large cooler in your trunk for your Wednesdays. ;-)

Shannon said...

Praise Jesus! What an amazing Provider! Congrats!

Jessica Leigh said...

Greek yogurt with any fixins! Favorite food right now!

Tell Glenna I just posted a list of my daily meals, so she can check it out and judge for herself. ;)


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