Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Saturday was a most pleasant day at work. The secret?

Air freshener.

When guests come into the Unload area, there's a few things we don't mind them leaving behind when they exit the rocket:

Loose change.
Pixie dust.
Echoes of laughter.

There's a few things they might want to reconsider when they leave them behind, though we understand it comes with the job:

Spilled water.
Guide maps.
Hair accessories.

Each of these can be quickly deposited into our trash bin, cleverly hidden in the wall, and we don't think much of it. There are, however, items that we sincerely wish guests would take with them:

Cell phones.
Spilled sugar straws (whose bright idea was THAT, Disney?)
Gaseous odors.

The first three items are easy enough to deal with, but the last ones require either a quick cleanup, a call to custodial, or a nose plug.

This is why I armed myself with air freshener. The night before, I had grown adults laughing over the fact that they passed gas as they came into Unload. I had been left in a cloud of vapor for the last time! I have a small container of air freshener that fits easily into my pocket and boy, did I use it!

Some cast members said it smelled like bubble gum. It was supposed to smell like nectarine/mint. Either way, at least it didn't smell like death-in-a-cloud.

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