Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An Irish-Catholic Tale, an Aside

Way back in this post, I had hinted about the little girl standing in the front row, far left, in pigtails. First, I need to explain her relationship to the family. You'll recall that the squirming toddler standing next to her is none other than Uncle Johnny. Chet is standing directly behind her, and Rosie is next to him. Aunt Sarah is on the far right.

To explain our relationship to the pigtailed girl, we have to go back to Grandpa U. He's the blacksmith (standing, with arms crossed) who came from Ireland. He was also a boxer who fought under the name Gallagher.

Back in Ireland, Grandpa U had a sister named Mary. This sister would come to America, meet a man, marry, and have a daughter named Marie. Mary is Rosie's aunt, and Marie is Rosie's first cousin.

Are you still with me?

Marie eventually married and gave birth to the little pigtailed girl in the photo. Her name is Marilyn. She also has a sister named Colleen.

Mary, Marie, and Marilyn. Mmmmm. :-)

I met Marilyn many years ago. The occasion was a sad one; Rosie's funeral. I was pregnant with either Kelly or Glenna (I suspect Kelly). She and her husband were so nice. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Marie moved to Hollywood, hoping to get her cute daughters into movies. They lived above the Thrifty Drug Store at Hollywood and Vine in the 1930's.

Marilyn grew up and married a man named Norman. They had five children together; four boys and one girl. Norman was a high school teacher.

Of their five children, the oldest son would become an American icon. Their only daughter would have bit parts as a baby and toddler. Another son would become a cinematographer.

You see, Marilyn married the high school teacher, Norman.

Norman Mathers.

Here is their oldest son:

Here is a picture of the Mathers family and various cousins. Can you spot Uncle Terry in the front row, blue shirt? They were all gathered to meet Betty, front row and red sweater, visiting from Ireland. Seated with a little girl standing before her is Marilyn. Standing behind Uncle Terry is Jerry. His siblings are in this photo as well.

As Paul Harvey would say, "And now you know the rest of the story."


BA said...

The kids and I sometimes watch "Leave it to Beaver" during lunch and I was just saying how John was related to "the Beaver" in some way. Now we know the rest of the story! (Although, I must say that keeping it all straight is a little bit challenging :-)).

Pam said...

Would you believe I actually met "the Beaver" when I was a young girl? My family went to a theme park called, "Six Gun Territory" and he was the guest actor that day. Who would've known my daughter would end up dating one of his relatives! Haha! And BA, "Leave it to Beaver" was our favorite lunchtime show when the kids were growing up.

Phyllis@Aimless Conversation said...

I LOVE 'the Beaver.' Never missed a show and wore t-shirts in high school with his face (and Wally and Eddie's) emblazoned on them with sayings like, "Gee Wally..."

Can you get me an autograph? LOL


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