Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Means We're Almost There

I love Thursday. I can take an extra 30 minutes in the morning and veg. In these hectic days, stillness has become more precious.

I wanted to upload these horrible photos of my last visit to Dinner A'Fare. I brought the girls with me and warned them severely about being careful, then I promptly knocked over an entire bucket of something white and crumbly (I didn't make that dish, so I don't know what it was) and it spewed, spewed I tell you, all over the floor.

JoAnne was great and cleaned it all up. In fact, she's amazing. As soon as I finish at a station and step over to wrap it, I turn around and it's as if I were never at that station. Super clean! I go again tomorrow!

Anyway, my computer is being whiney and won't let me upload photos. "Caution: Disk space low." Blah Blah dangerously low blah blah . . . Whatever. I know, I know, I need an external hard drive for all the photos. I know!

Amusing moments with Glenna:

Me: Ok, let's go over the math here. If you have 6Q plus Q plus 3Q, what does that give you?

Glenna: 9Q.

Me: Are you sure? What about that leftover Q?

Glenna: Oh! Oh yeah! 10Q.

Me: You're welcome!

Queen of Pun. I'm here all week, folks!

Glenna hates rice. When she was a baby and I tried to feed her rice, she would hold it in her mouth until it desintigrated into liquid. Then, she would let the liquid dribble out of her mouth. Tyler never understood this when it came to his sister and trying new foods.

"She doesn't get it, Mom. She fusses and fusses, where if she would just swallow, it would go away!" (In our home you have to try new foods, but you don't have to eat it if you don't like it. Glenna could never get to the try it part without major drama.)

I remember once at my Uncle L's house in New Mexico, he had cooked us some delicious enchiladas. Unfortunately, the main ingredient was raw onion, a texture I could never get used to. Because I love my Uncle dearly and because the rest of the enchilada was so delicious, I tried making the onions "go away" by simply swallowing them.

In New Mexico, nothing is ever mild.

Eventually, I felt like my insides were going to burn right out of my chest. I knew I couldn't swallow any more without chewing them first, so I tried to discreetly push the onions aside on my second enchilada. Uncle soon noticed and said, "Drat! I forgot about the onions!" Evidently, my distaste for raw onion is as famous as Glenna's distaste for rice!

Another time, my beloved Grandpa VW made a pecan pie that he was quite proud of. He offered me a piece and because my grandpa walked on water, I didn't even feel like refusing, even though I hated pecans.

I tried.

I really, really tried.

I tried with three glasses of water.

Eventually, Grandpa rescued me from the pie because he loved me like that and knew I was only eating it because I loved him.

The holidays are approaching. Are there dishes you can't wait to dig into? Are there dishes you'll have to swallow to make go away, like onions, rice, and pecans? What about that one relative that brings the same thing that no one really likes, but you eat it anyway to save feelings?

We're all looking forward to Thanksgiving, the Day of Gluttony! Himself is especially hoping there will be football on since we don't get to watch it here. (Hint, hint, M family! LOL)


BA said...

I remember once, in high school, going to a friend's birthday party. She was so excited about her rhubarb cake so I was too...until I bit into it. Ugh...I have never tasted anything so ghastly! But, I ate the whole thing with a "smile" on my face but politely refused when asked if I wanted seconds. I've never had rhubarb since. We're training our kids to do the same (let me know if they don't ;-)).

pam said...

Good news: There will be plenty of football on at the M's house on Thanksgiving. And no onions in the stuffing. Bad news: There will be pecan pie, but we won't make you try it. :-) Any other kinds of pie requests?

Mrs said...

You can have onions in the stuffing, because they're cooked! It's the raw stuff that gets me (and Himself). Honestly!

Kelly says for pie: apple pie, pumpkin pie, every pie, chocolate pumpkin spice cheesecake pie, key lime pie, cherry pie even though I don't like cherry flavored things, pumpkin bars, carrot cake . . . .

Jess said...

I can't wait for sweet potato casserole! Mmmm. :))

Hope to see you girls tomorrow!


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