Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rocky Raccoon

We have a neighborhood pest.

Each morning, we find our garbage cans tipped over and the contents everywhere. Yes, I know we could get cans with locking lids. Yes, I know we could somehow bungee the cans to the wall like our neighbor, the Harley-Democrat, does.

Would that be fair to the raccoon?

Himself: I saw him the other day and I started to feel sorry for him.

Me, thinking the scraps have been fewer since using Dinner A'Fare: Why? Is he terribly gaunt?

Himself: No. In fact, he's so fat he was barely making it across the street.

I bought two cooked chickens from Costco yesterday so I could have chicken for my lunches (and when there's a meal for dinner with ingredients I can't have). I looked at the bones with plenty of meat on them and knew our cans would be knocked over by morning.

I'm contemplating; should we just put it out there on a plate and save him the trouble? Or, as Himself has stated, is this the only exercise he gets?

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Michelle said...

Oh my goodness! So funny! You crack me up!


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