Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Big Dogs

Because my father is from New Mexico, he can't go anywhere without his dogs. While this may be comforting to him and the dogs, it's not without its problems.

First of all, they had to find motels from here to Arkansas that were "pet friendly." Secondly, they had to make sure the motel wasn't just "small pet friendly." Dad does not have small pets.

Dad and Pam didn't even realize the appeal of a smaller dog until they spent time with Jack and Missy.

Here's Maddie, playing with Missy. It was quite comical to see her crouch down so Missy could spar with her properly. We weren't even alarmed with Maddie would put Missy's entire head in her mouth!

Imagine you are sitting on my couch. See the arm rest next to you? See how far above the arm rest Maddie stands?

This is Sarah Bear, the other dog. I think I have finally gotten rid of the last of her fur. We'll see what happens when we move some furniture, though.

She and Jack were the dog police. Maddie and Missy would get a little rowdy, and Sarah and Jack would bark and snap at them to make them behave. (Secretly, Jack and Sarah would also play with Missy. Who can resist a cute puppy?)

Maddie's back, even with our piano keyboard.
These dogs are great, but they're truly not safe for the "folks." When returning to Arkansas, Maddie jerked Dad off his feet at one rest stop. He got back in the truck and headed down the road, bruised and bleeding. The dogs regularly knock them over or shove them off the bed.
At Flea World, they were looking at smaller puppies. Here's hoping!

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Hmmm. Dog shopping at Flea World? Something seems wrong there... ;-)


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