Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Folks

Dad's wife, Pam, warned me that she wanted to go to thrift stores while they were here.

She wasn't kidding.

I think they went to the same thrift store three times, and that's because it was the easiest to get to!

We also took them to Flea World:

They were in heaven. They found something for everyone, oh Glory!

One of our favorite days was going to Blue Springs State Park. It was a picture-perfect day! So, here are some perfect pictures:

This is Himself, days after getting his new phone. He was still excited about it and still playing with it. I told him it was a week before he let me see his baby-blues again! Here, he's trying out the camera feature.
Pam was so excited to see a manatee. We also had a mini-picnic. This is the perfect time of year to see manatee if anyone's thinking of going. I highly recommend it!

1 comment:

Jess said...

And the manatee video was to DIE for!
Okay...maybe not, but it was a beautiful day with wonderful company. :)


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