Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Up and Running!

My laptop has been graciously restored by my friend, Don! The previous 8 posts were done last Saturday and scheduled, then my laptop crashed. Now I have to get back to posting!

I went to a homeschool conference this Saturday. Even though this is my 11th year, I'm thankful to know I am still teachable. I took some nuggets of wisdom home with me and have already implemented them in my homeschool. It was so nice to get a mid-year boost! I usually attend FPEA and it fires me up for the next year, but now I'm determined to finish strongly.

In other news . . . the purple car is gone, sold yesterday. Long live Tyler's Purple Nerple. It takes true skill to drive a purple car and still be the coolest kid I know!


Rebekah said...

My car was pea green, but I wasn't cool! :)

Matt said...

hahaa..........that's great Tyler!! Finally off your hands1


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