Saturday, January 10, 2009

Uncommon Courtesy

Oh, the tales that Uncle Terry told! They were so rich and full of the wisdom 30 years of experience brings.

While the following doesn't necessarily spout wisdom, it's definitely one I have to share.

Ladies - how are you allowing yourself to be treated by your fella? At minimum, you should be treated with common courtesy. Are doors held open for you? How about your chair when being seated? Are you picked up at your residence or expected to follow in your own car "for convenience sake"?

Gentlemen - how are you treating your gal? Are you showing off and thinking of yourself, or is she "far above rubies" in your estimation? Do you put her needs before your own? I can tell you; if you do, your needs will be met beyond expectation!

I have shared the story of Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary Ann, who proclaimed him "the nicest man I had ever met." Here's proof, as told by Uncle Terry:

A couple of years ago, Uncle Bob began to experience severe heart trouble. An ambulance was called and he was rushed to the emergency room, where he went into cardiac arrest. Quickly revived, he was intubated to help him breathe. Aunt Mary Ann was by his side as she waited for him to be placed in a room in the ICU.

Hours went on (as they're prone to do at a hospital emergency room!) and Uncle Bob was finally placed in the ICU. Aunt Mary Ann noticed that he began to make repeated gestures with his hand. Finally, realizing he wanted pen and paper, she fetched something for him to write on and handed him the pen.

In his late 80's, having been through an incredible ordeal of trauma and cardiac arrest, intubated and unable to speak, Uncle Bob wrote: Make sure someone walks you to the parking lot.


agable said...

Awe, Uncle Bob sounds delightful :). That's so sweet.

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Jess said...

This is just the cutest story ever! So sweet! :)


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