Friday, January 23, 2009

A Homeschool Day

We're continuing our study of Russia. We took three weeks to study the different tsars and the historical events of their times.

One of the more fascinating ones was Peter the Great. He traveled through Europe with a sign around his neck reading, "I am a Student and Need to be Taught." What a terrific attitude! Far from professing to know it all, he was eager to learn.

When he returned to Russia, he was determined to modernize their archaic practices. He lined had the men lined up and cut off their robes at the knees as they were wearing them in Europe.

He also insisted beards be kept shorter or not worn at all:

We also studied Napoleon and how his army was defeated by Russia, the land. Any excuse to make a nifty Napoleon hat, right?
Girls smile prettily. Guys are .. . . well, they're just goofy, all right?


Phyllis said...

Cute! Всем ПРИВЕТ! :-)

Mrs said...

I used Babblefish to translate, "To all, REGARDS!" I'm sure you meant that more warmly. ;-)

Phyllis said...

"Hello to all!"

Jess said...

As a teacher-to-be, I'm taking notes. Love the beards!


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