Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kelly Pictures

I have finally gone to Costco, so I can upload pictures from a disc! No more bogging down my hard drive with photos!

However, this also means the photos are unedited. I guess I should have flipped them at Costco, too. Lesson learned. This is why Kelly is coming in sideways.

A peek at the coolest sunglasses, ever. She asked me to hold them for her while we were at church, so naturally, I put them on. Every teen came up and stated, "Cool sunglasses, Mrs!" I of course owned up to the fact that they belong to my ultra-hip daughter.

Despite the appearance of the following picture, they were quite thrilled to be going to the Christmas Dinner at youth group. May I just say I LOVE Kelly's hair?

This is what happens when on the way to Marine Science. Or, perhaps, this was on the way home? Either way, Kate and Kelly got ahold of some chocolate and instantly applied it as lipstick.

What would you have done? It made perfect sense to me!
Special thanks to ace photographer, Glenna, who snapped these from the back seat.


agable said...

Kelly is such a cutie:) I love these pictures :). I especially like the one of her and her dad.

Jess said...

Hooray for pictures!
I love Kelly's hair too!

Are those sunglass from PacSun?
Multiple times I was in that store with Kelly and she kept convincing herself not to buy them. I'm guessing she did? ;)

Mrs said...

Good eye, Jess! They're from PacSun. She finally convinced herself to buy them, but The Kate bought them for her for Christmas!

icardi said...

Sweet!! Nice pics!!

Rebekah said...

I can't remember if I answered your question or not about the cream-filled pirouettes. As far as I can tell they do not contain any chocolate...the are so good!!!! I'm actually eating one right now. :)

MissElaineous said...

Kelly is looking so much older and maturer! I've been away from the US too long!


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