Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dog Smarts

Because I can't upload photos of Missy yet, this photo has the notorious Hobbs and Jack.

Don't tell me that dogs aren't smart.

Missy had Jack's tennis ball. Jack wanted the ball, but wasn't about to fight over it.

Jack went and selected another chew toy, then casually walked past Missy.

Missy, of course, jumped up and grabbed the new toy, carrying it off in triumph.

Jack went and got the ball.

Now who's triumphant?


agable said...

They're cute :)

MissElaineous said...

This is one of those FRUSTRATING unanswerable questions, like "can God make a rock so big he can't move it."

Jess said...

But this may support Ty's theory that Missy isn't very smart...
(That's his theory, not mine, Glenna. ;)

icardi said...

very smart!!!

Goobie said...

oh yes Jess i can tell. ;)


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