Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Catching Up

Because I'm all about current events, I wanted to post these photos from July 3rd. In fact, the next few days I'll be posting photos from last month.

You're welcome.

For July 3rd, we attended our town's celebration of our independence. We had Cloé, our French Student, with us. In fact, we had only picked her up from the airport a few days before this, so we were still kind of new to each other.

Look at this beautiful photograph of Glenna!

Heh, heh. Moms can get away with this.

Much better! She's wearing her new favorite shirt - Captain America! How appropriate.

Here's Cloé!
We sure miss this girl. She's hoping to come back next summer, and we're hoping and praying that she'll be able to as well!

Ok, ignore the dork in the front of the photo and check out Himself's new hat!
It has been a long search to find a hat big enough to fit his melon. Seriously - we must have tried on every hat in the county.

Mother daughter portrait:

Finally, the sun is beginning to go down.
I should have posted a crowd shot. This place was so packed, it took some people three hours to get out of the parking lot. We parked at Ty's apartment and walked over! It was a better plan and we arrived home much sooner.

Wait, what were we there for?

Oh yeah!

Fireworks set to cheesy rock and roll music = Party!

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Jessica Leigh said...

The fireworks I saw on Bastille Day were set to musical theatre works. Oh, the difference between American and French cultures...


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