Wednesday, August 17, 2011

July 8th

On this day, we took Cloé to Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. These two parks are smaller (meaning fewer attractions), so it's easier to do them on one day.

Here's a park tip: If you're going to Hollywood Studios, go directly to the Toy Story Midway Mania and get your fast pass. The fast passes for this place go quickly (as in by 11:30 am!) and the line is always long!

Kelly and Cloé in line for Toy Story. We got fast passes and then hopped in line since it was only 30 minutes (actually took less time).

Here's Cloé, a monkey, and a Drama Queen:

All three girls next to Mr. Potato Head:

It was kind of funny, because this robotic Potato Head can reach up and pull out his ear.
On this occasion, however, he dropped it! Cast members had to come out and put his ear back in.

I'm so glad Cloé was here for that.

This was the first time we chose a female French Student. I'm so glad we did! I have loved each and every student who has come to our home. With Cloé, however, I was able to see things I'd never seen at the Parks, such as:

Beauty and the Beast! We also saw Little Mermaid! I didn't even know what they were about!

Here's an awful and blurry photo of a screamin' good time:
Kelly and I on the Tower of Terror, minus Glenna and Cloé, front row, right side. See my flowery shirt?

Kelly and I have been on this before, but we had forgotten how intense and scary it is! She thought I looked so calm and collected in the photo. I think the camera simple caught me on an inhale before the screams.

We weren't able to convince Chloé to go on a roller coaster. I think she may have gone on Expedition Everest, but it wasn't running any of the times we were nearby. We also had the thrill of Florida thunderstorms and rain ponchos. What's not to love?

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Jessica Leigh said...

I've always wanted to see Beauty and the Beast at Hollywood, but I'm always out-voted!


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