Wednesday, August 24, 2011

July 22nd

On July 22nd, Paul's sister, Sarita, got married! I was the director for the wedding.

I love doing that.

I love Sarita. She taught Spanish and Algebra to both Tyler and Kelly. She was a high school leader when Ty and Kelly were in youth group. She's this amazing, beautiful girl and we're so happy for her and Nathan, her husband!

We had CloƩ with us, so she got to see what a wedding in America was like.

Here's some decorations.

During the photo session before the wedding, one of the groomsmen found this tiki left over from a church play. There were two of them, actually, and I can't wait to see the hilarious photos that came about with them!

What was really funny was that when I wandered out from the reception to see how the car was coming, I found this:

That's two tiki heads and a ton of balloons in the get-away car.

We all laughed so hard!

The reception had lots of food and dancing. It was so much fun! Now, I have to give a little background story to these next photos:

A couple of years ago, I let the girls watch the movie Top Gun with Tom Cruise. There are so many cultural references to this movie, so I watched it with them and censored out the rough spots.

Seeing the movie through their eyes was pretty funny. One of the things they noticed was that whenever Tom's character was anywhere near the Kelly McGillis character, some part of the song Take My Breath Away would be playing.

It was almost like a stalker theme, it was so bad!

Ba da ba DA DA . . . Take my breath awaaaaaaayyyy!!!!

After seeing the movie, one of the girls would start singing it to the other, or they would text it to each other. It was quite the joke around here.

Well lo and behold, during the reception the song came on! Glenna immediately ran to find her sister, who was running to find her. They simply had to dance!

See Kelly's cool new haircut?

I wish I had recorded this on video. They're dancing so dramatically and singing the song to each other.

I hate blurry pictures.

But . . .

I love sisters!


agable said...

Oh, I love Sarita! She taught my Spanish class my senior year at UCF. She is one of the smartest people I know. I am so happy for her :)

P.S. Kelly's haircut is amazing! Love it!

Raquel said...

I wish I could have been there! I always loved sitting in the row with them and watching Sarita sign the songs :)

Matt said...

I'm glad the tiki heads finally got put to a good use ;)


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