Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Fridge

Remember in this post where I had these bins and put all the ingredients for each meal in them? I felt so organized! It really did work out well, and anyone could grab a bin and start dinner.

Now that we're eating more plants, I discovered that veggies don't stay fresh very long. It was so discouraging to see things wilt and have to be thrown out. Eating healthful foods is not cheap, by any means.

That's when I remembered the bins:

Now, I've been able to group like-items together, all scrubbed and ready to go! The top shelf has a bin full of red and green peppers. On top of that is a bin with washed grapes, cherries and blackberries. Next to that, without a lid, is a bin with peaches, lemons, and kiwi.

One bin full of scrubbed carrots, ready for juicing!
Below the carrots are beets and something else I can't remember. Fennel and cauliflower next to that.

I'm still working out some of the kinks in the system, but it worked beautifully!

Ok, I'll bet all you seasoned moms out there knew this, but I just discovered it:
I took the crisper drawer, washed it out, then lined it with paper towels. I washed all my leafy greens such as lettuce, cilantro, and parsley, then put them in the drawer. I adjusted the setting and voila! My lettuce stayed crisp and didn't wilt!



The drawer next to it has a broken lid, so I put veggies in that didn't need as much attention:
Cucumbers, mushrooms, radishes, and celery.

This is a TON of food! People open our fridge and can't find a space for anything. Yet, somehow, we still run into the "There's nothing to eat!" syndrome.

Yeah, we saw that coming, too.

Here's a simple solution to Himself wanting something RIGHT NOW:

The ingredients look ok, but honestly you can't beat fresh juice. I know there's stuff in this that I shouldn't have because of migraine triggers.

Lastly, here's proof that we're still eating meat:
But the deli drawer is a great place for bulky apples and pears, too!

I still buy milk for Glenna, but I liked this stuff with my cereal and in smoothies long before we did the Reboot:
Being the only one who likes it means there's more for me. Right?

Organizing the fridge made prep time go more quickly, foods last longer, and less waste with hidden foods rotting away.
Now to figure out a way to eat healthful foods affordably. I'm open to suggestions!

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Jessica Leigh said...

I love it!! Such good and YUMMY choices!

Green Machine is good, but it's not GF. :(


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