Friday, August 19, 2011

July 12

After work, I stopped by a house and picked up the French chaperone. We invited her to go with us to Epcot for 1/2 a day. Cloé and Glenna were ready to go and we loaded up the Jetta for the trip.

We tried to go on Soarin' because I love to visit my home state, but the wait was 80 minutes and the fast passes were sold out. So, we headed over to Test Track:
Hands gotta be in the air, right? That's the French chaperone, Sima, sitting in front of me.

Disney tip: Use the single rider line and you'll barely wait in line. It's more than likely that you won't be in the same car, but who cares? Meet up at the end.

I wasn't quick enough to get a photo of Cloé zipping by, but here's Glenna:

Back seat, great expression. That's my girl!

I really should have taken more photos while we were there. I did take pictures of the important things, like this:

I was in line, ready to get in and have my picture taken, but the rest of my party had moved on without me! Next time.

Click on this photo to make it larger and check out this way cool backpack:
See it? It's a turtle shell! I saw a couple of them, but I didn't see any worn by children. Are the Ninja Turtles making a comeback or remake?

Shortly after we spotted the backpack, the skies opened up. Lightning was directly over our heads in the America section of Epcot! The Sima and I were concerned for our safety as we waited for Cloé and Glenna. I think it was her first big thunderstorm and it was gnarly. I pointed out the lightning rods on every building and she felt a little better.

It poured rain and we were so hungry. We didn't wait for it to stop completely before heading to Japan - Glenna was craving some Asian food!

Afterward, in Morrocco, I caught Glenna trying to get a creative photograph.
So that's how she does it!

We loved going through the French section this time! Boy students don't chat much, but Cloé and Sima had so much to say about that section. We were relieved to hear the perfume was way overpriced there; we would never spend so much on perfume, and neither would they! Sima treated us to a dessert (a tart, yum!).

We stayed to watch the fireworks but ended up being in a poor spot. They say at Epcot, you can stand anywhere in the World Showcase and see the fireworks. Well, where we were standing (between France and the UK) there were trees from the island blocking it a bit, and the speakers were either not working or not there.

We really enjoyed Epcot, even if we didn't get to see or do everything. I think they enjoyed it, too!

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