Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Picture of Excellence

I began teaching AWANA JV his 8th grade year.

I sat and watched him play basketball for a local home school covering school. We called him Superman. Players who thought they could charge over him found themselves running head on into a brick wall.

I watched him make hard choices, find peace, and grow spiritually.

He was in youth group with my son, and a student leader for the same group.

I went to his wedding.

Thursday, I watched him graduate from the police academy, with honors.

This is Tim W., now an officer for the town I live in! His father, in law enforcement for 30 years (now retired), pinned his badge on him.

To say we're all proud of him is a huge understatement!


Kate said...

I happen to love this guy a whole lot too! I'm so glad you guys were able to make it to the graduation! I sure am proud of him too, I couldn't ask for a better big brother! :]

Shannon said...

YAY! We're all so proud of him!! So glad you guys could see him graduate- I wanted to so badly...darn migraine! Hooray for Timmy Tot!!


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