Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Magic that Wasn't

Enter in a most embarrassing moment.

On Friday, July 15th, I brought Glenna, Cloé, another French student named Justine, and a girl from her host family named Tori to Magic Kingdom.

After 30 minutes on hold, it was discovered that my pass was all used up for the year and we couldn't get into the park.

So sad, but true! Because I'm now a seasonal cast member, I am only allowed 6 entries per year. Previously, each time I've been issued a new main gate pass it has meant that my count started over. I was so excited when I got a new main gate pass in June.

Alas, it was not to be.

The other embarrassing part was that I had signed up for a Space shift that afternoon, thinking we'd enjoy the park in the morning, I'd do my shift, then we'd watch fireworks and head home. Instead we did the only thing we could do; we rode the monorail to the Contemporary and the Polynesian, got some Dole Whip, then rode the monorail back to parking. I had just enough time to take them all the way back home, drive all the way back to Disney, then work my shift.

Here's the very understanding gang in the gift shop at the Contemporary:
Pick a hat, everyone! I love that Cloé is wearing a chipmunk hat.

The dude everyone poses with at the Polynesian:
They did manage to buy some souvenirs, and from our many monorail rides I was able to teach Justine to say, "Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas."

Time well spent.

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