Friday, August 26, 2011

Mad Mom

Oh my goodness, look at these beets I'm chopping! They're totally turning everything red!

Ewww, gross, Mom! You're going to eat that?

Of course I'm going to eat it! I'm putting it in juice.

It looks like blood!

Ewww, you're right! You should totally take my picture.

Ha ha! Right!

No. Seriously. Take my picture.

Beets. It's what's for dinner.

*Note to Gafut: I know you think God made them for garment tinting alone, but they're actually pretty good in juice! It also makes the juice a lovely red.


Anonymous said...

OK, This is exactly the kind of picture you dont need on the web. If you ever take a knife to me it will now be premeditaed. But it is a chilling portrate.

Jessica Leigh said...

I know I owe you money. Please don't come after me.


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