Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Game Master

Continuing my recap of the summer, I bring you to an evening at home. Paul was over. So was Ty.

Not many people know that Tyler is a pretty spontaneous cat. At the spur of the moment, he comes up with a game for everyone to play.

In this instance, Paul was idly strumming his guitar.

Ok, you keep playing, and I'm going to try to throw these playing cards into the hole of the guitar. We'll see how many cards it takes before I can do that.

Paul is amused and agreeable. The game begins.

You can see Himself sitting in the background, in his chair. Kelly bought the chair for her room but we can't get it up the stairs. Chair is 29" wide, stairway is 27.5". She was heartbroken.

Anyway . . ..

See the one flying up by Paul's head? No one said all of Ty's spontaneous games were safe.
I think the count was 15 before he got one in. He then did a series of rapid-fire cards and made a mess. No one said Ty's spontaneous games were tidy, either.

1 comment:

Jessica Leigh said...

Let me guess; the next game was to see how fast Kelly could pick up the cards? ;)


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