Friday, August 05, 2011

Day One

Day One is over, and I'm singing hallelujah.

That it's over.

I'm so off kilter, I used a fragmented sentence.

The day did NOT start off well. I didn't have all the groceries I needed to start the day properly (I had been testing the recipes ahead of time and used up ingredients, plus veggies go bad! Imagine that!). I slept in a little and the barking dog with a full bladder woke me. After buzzing Glenna to take them out, I surfed the internet for too long and when I went out into the living room, the dogs had eliminated all over the rug. Not the terrazzo, but the rug.

There I go, fragmenting again.

Where were the girls? They were upstairs, reading or sleeping or whatever. It's summer break, after all.

Kelly and I went to the health food store for ingredients, but they didn't have everything we needed. Dinner was delayed until 8:00 pm. I was ravenous!

Himself also struggled. He left the house without packing fruit or snacks. I had told him where to stop and what to buy but, and I quote, "I didn't do that."

It's the end of the first day, and we have a better game plan for the rest of the week.

The good news is, I didn't eat anything I wasn't supposed to and neither did he.

One down, four to go!

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