Sunday, August 07, 2011

Day Three

Once again, you can go here for more details.

We had a better game plan yesterday so it was a better day. Today has gone pretty smoothly, even with church! Himself is finding ideas about what to eat while he's on the road, which is his most difficult challenge.

We've both lost weight! Woo hoo!

Tyler invited us for dinner tonight. I laughed so hard when he texted, "Making taco stuff. I don't know if you want to just take some of your slush to go. :)" I laughed, but I also appreciated his support! He didn't mock us or try to convince us otherwise.

Both girls have been great. Glenna is eating more salads, and there was a time in her life where she wouldn't go anywhere near lettuce.

While walking through the grocery store, it was funny how excited we became over the idea of adding all natural trail mix, or some black beans, or some sunflower seeds to our diets. Himself, however, briefly fantasized about leaping over the deli counter and mauling a roasted chicken.

I'd like to get that on video. Maybe it would go viral on YouTube and we'd make some money!

We also realized that if we're not eating meat as often, then our budget could handle better quality meats. I love, love, love, grass-fed beef, but who can pay almost $8 per pound for ground? I'm usually paying around $2.50 at Costco!

I still have to work out a grocery schedule. Right now I'm trying to only buy two days at a time. Himself gets to where he needs something to munch and he'll grab a whatever veggie or fruit from the fridge and throw off a recipe. We're starting to talk about what we're feeling when we want to eat, and that has been interesting and enlightening! Today, Himself was chopping the vegetables so furiously. Why? He was also angry before we sat down to eat. Again, why? He didn't even realize what was going on.

Short nap time!

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